The Conscious Voice

Your voice is the most powerful, efficient and effective use of energy on the planet… and everything you say puts energy in motion.
When something matters to you it becomes matter, whether for good or bad. More than intention, words spoken with clarity and specificity with a voice that reflects the power of who you know you are, is a manifesting force like no other.

Your resonant voice aligns you with all that you desire to manifest – wellness, vitality, greater levels of joy, love, abundance, connection, etc.

And yet…

So many still misunderstand the connection that exist between the situations you create in your life, and the actual sound of your voice – and how the “sound” of your voice is tied to the words you chose to speak, the thoughts you choose to think, and the beliefs that bring those thoughts into being.

Young children have a complete experience—full sound, movement & emotional expression. Yet most of us learned to separate from that delicious child spontaneity with messages like,

Children should be seen and not heard!

No matter what generation you belong to, this adage seems to have extended its long stultifying reach into our 21st Century collective and cultural mind.

If you grew up with this “energy pattern” in your family of origin, it is likely you experienced its direct line of assault – or felt its implied threat. You survived by being unseen or unheard. Over time those emotional choices became energy reflex patterns etched in your neural network, and you began to live with fear and anxiety as constant companions, doubting yourself, stuffing your ideas and silencing your truth.

To deny using your voice, though expedient to survive, cuts off your primary manifesting tool…

Your ability to speak the life you long for into existence!

Through the tone of your voice and the words you choose, you are actually launching energy patterns of desire into the atmosphere. Another tragedy of not speaking your truth is the loss of vital cellular wisdom that exists beyond brain function. “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” applies here. This loss is significant. When we have no relationship with our body’s ability to feel, sense and choose, we block access to what the body knows. It is this wisdom we seek… the stuff of real magic, your magic that exists within every cell of your being.

Eventually this “speaking” denial shows up as a vibratory pattern.

You may experience dissonance in the tonal quality of the voice resulting in:

  • A pinched voice
  • A strained voice
  • A mono-toned voice
  • Fast talking
  • A loud voice
  • A tiny voice
  • And more…


Over time, this type of vibratory pattern distorts mind/body health and wellbeing…and can exacerbate developing disease states. The unconscious patterns of breathing, speaking and believing inhibit and deny our innate authentic voice, the voice of the authentic self.

Your voice is speaking volumes about who you perceive yourself to be.

What is yours saying about you?

Dissonance or resonance launch as vortices of energy, echoing through dimensional time and space as well as within one’s physical, emotional and spiritual echo chamber.

Have you ever noticed how your body feels when you aim negative chatter, self-abuse, and despair at yourself (even others)?

Conversely, how do you feel knowing you are in the right place at the right time doing what you love to do?

That good feeling thought is also a deliberate vibratory state. Both reverberate through your entire body depending on what you choose to speak into existence. The subtler element of the dynamic at play is your vocal tone.

Is your whole body speaking?

Do you feel what you say and say what you feel?

Could it be possible that the sound of your voice could be making you sick?

The simple answer is YES!
Imagine, then, the power…

How one simple focused sound (that any of us can make) altering the trajectory of a moment, the quality of your relationships, or the molecular structure of a cell?

Sound can shift and expand your personal awareness, transporting you from 3D realities into the trans-dimensional awareness that exists at the molecular core of every human cell.

Sound is the leading edge. The resonant sound of your voice awakens pure potential and excites the Will to act upon the power of choice. The world is your oyster.

Jump in, the water’s great!

Your natural voice carries a vibratory signature that exists only as you, the enlightened YOU.

However, from a very early age circumstances can bring challenges, disappointments and distortions that influence your developing brains as a child. As a young adult, you begin to “swallow” or accept the projections of others as your own self-truth. As adults you repeat these distortions or “stories” as your own. Through your own words and internal self-talk, you perpetuate these stories and keep them active in your life.

The sound of your natural voice can transform the distortion and mis-belief of who think you are into who you truly are.

It becomes a transmitter of truth, freedom and clarity. Your choice to speak the words of your authentic heart activate your personal magnetism and creativity…and launches energy into the world from which we are all fed and sustained in an awakened state of being.

Through the breath, volume and open tone of your voice, you can access the depth of your creative being.

The gifts of Being exist as a living mystery within each human cell. There is a longing to move from where you are and remember who you truly are.

We are joined in this journey in Sound.

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Thoughts on The Conscious Voice…

“You have the sound of your voice available to you as one of the greatest elements for successful living.”

–Gregge Tiffen, An Honest Performance, sixth booklet in the Open Secrets series
“Like rings of a tree, the tone and quality of your voice is the imprint of your life choices—and those choices, whether conscious or unconscious, are reflected in the resonant quality of your voice.”

-Tryshe Dhevney
“To awaken a sleeping giant or to bring the best out of yourself, as the case may be, you are to say what you mean, and mean what you say. If that means you have nothing to say, then don’t say anything at all. The reason for such wisdom of the ages is that you are a speaking being, and you have the capacity to generate sound as a result of your voice box. When you use the energy of sound deliberately, you become one of the most powerful elements on the planet itself.”

-Gregge Tiffen