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We greatly appreciate your interest in booking Tryshe Dhevney for an event, and we hope we’re providing you with everything you might need to invite Tryshe to give a concert or presentation.

Tryshe Dhevney leads innovative programs all over the world, and is actively engaged in teaching effective techniques for creating optimum health with sound. Her workshops, lectures and concerts are held for large and intimate gatherings, in a variety of locations – from college lecture halls, chapels and resorts to personal growth and development centers, institutes and schools.


SoundShifting is based on the ancient healing knowledge that sound, particularly the resonance of the human voice, paired with the power of clear intention, can transform physical, emotional and spiritual health in ways that modern medicine is only beginning to understand.

Many people now recognize that sound is important for enhancing their wellbeing and releasing the stresses of living in contemporary society. They desire to learn new techniques to significantly improve their lives and their health, techniques that will bring a higher peace of mind along their journey toward personal growth and development. Sound and voice are rapidly becoming the most sought after healing tools in the world today.

Tryshe provides a safe environment for people to engage her dynamic SoundShifting process which transforms not only the biology of self-perception, but also empowers the individual to reach beyond those perceptions, bringing valuable insights and techniques toward whole-body health. Through intuitive movement, vocal opening, sound meditation, toning, crystal bowls, theatrical improvisation, conscious language and intention, people are empowered to deliberately create the life they want.


Imagine a single sound – a sound that anyone can make on their own – shifting what is “out of tune” in the body, mind and emotions. In her presentations, Tryshe encourages and guides each participant to let their own voice energize their life and elevate them to sound health.

Attending one of Tryshe’s events:
** Ignites a spontaneous resonance of sound among the group;
** Engages the healing capacity of the body’s organs, tissues, and cells;
** Creates optimum health throughout the body.

The experience has lasting, and sometimes profound benefits that the participants carry away with them.

Fees, Accommodation & Travel

Typical expenses include Tryshe’s performance or speaker’s fee, audio/visual expenses, air travel, accommodations, meals, ground transportation, and incidentals such as tips. She travels from Tucson, Arizona.

Please contact Tryshe or call her at (520) 440-7820 today with your event request so she can give you a detailed quote.