Exhale: Crystal Sound Binaural Meditations

Release Date: 01 December 2022

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The Way of Sky: Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Release Date: 06 October 2022

With this album, Tryshe immerses the listener in a new landscape of gemstone-infused crystal bowls selected to evoke “expanded inner space, deep peace and illumination.” The deep vibratory resonance of these tracks support of our natural bio-frequencies.


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This is a placeholder for a statement from Tryshe regarding her creative process and what sound meditations mean to her.

I have been listening to The Way of Sky and it is so lush! You’ve moved into a new territory with this recording! The harmonies are dense and rich, and the dissonance is so powerful! The names are wonderful.

Today I was listening for the second or third time and I felt your sound having a deep effect and I said, “I bet this one is ‘Recalibrate’ because I feel I am experiencing recalibration,” – and of course, it was!

Congratulations on a gorgeous and powerful recording!

:: Kirsti Kaldro, Virginia


The Way of Sky is such exquisite, majestic poetry! At this time, I hear the seven songs to be one song, one story, the new-old story of creation of Consciousness. The journey opens with the heavens first taking form, dissolution, “ending” with the start of a new form.

The Way of Sky tune feels like a remembrance of something I always knew. I am not even sure I knew it as a “song”. But from the moment you told me of the album title, I felt a familiarity I cannot explain.

The bubbles and ripples of explosions I felt within my cells are more-ish! The chiming of all seven chakras from the crown to the root as the crystals sang – literally moved me to tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll be listening to it again and again.

:: Ee Ting Ng, Australia


I’ve been listening to your amazing new CD, The Way of Sky: Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, using decent but not outrageous speakers. It sounds so clear and beautiful, like you and the bowls and are right here in my house. What production quality and amazing composition. This album helps me to understand the sound potential of the bowls even more to hear all the different qualities… especially the really big sounds.

When is your next concert Tryshe? Did anyone take video while you were recording the album? It would be amazing to see the bowls being played during this recording session.

:: Liz Tomich, California