My First Encounter With An Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

Not in a million years could I have imagined reaching a saturation point where my beloved set of Classic Frosted bowls would not be enough… and yet, it happened.

One day, when an Alchemy Crystal Singing bowl love-tapped my spiritual shoulder and cracked open my hungry harmonic heart, I realized I was ready for more.

I longed to be filled with harmony.

I wanted to deepen into the magic of sound, have experiences not yet defined. Something called to me, and I was just about to answer.

While strolling through a huge Tucson trade show, a friend and I discovered a room filled with stunning looking crystal bowls. These bowls were definitely a cut above what I’d always known.

And there on a side shelf, was a small translucent purple-blue bowl enchanting us both.

We swooned unabashedly over her beauty and tonal purity. We asked about the price for this 8” bowl. Gasp! $799! (Before tax).

Instantly the ownership fantasy was dashed. Being in love with these beings is one thing. Owning them is quite another. I knew having her was going to require finessing, and a whole lot of creative thinking.

The only thought in my mind was,

“How can I bring this being into my life?”

I knew I needed her, even though both my friend and I knew this bowl was priced way over either of our budgets.

As we started to walk away, an idea blew up in my head. Wait! What if we shared the bowl? We could both pay for half and bowl-share every other week.


(I now know this is exactly what happens when you encounter these beautiful beings. They begin to work their magic and inspire ways to be with you, too!)

The coin toss gave me the first turn with this beautiful bowl. Once home, I started playing her every chance I got. It didn’t take long before her sound rocketed me into her harmonic dimension, bonding us for all time. After the second day, I knew I had to call my friend and ‘buy her out’.

Clearly this was my bowl.

My friend, a listener of intuitive voices, understood and consented and this beautiful bowl found her permanent home with me.

This may sound like a basic transaction on any given day, but this particular transaction was momentous. It changed my entire relationship to money – and what I thought was possible.

From the moment I learned the price of the bowl, my breath stopped and old family programming kicked in. You can’t afford that! Do you really think money grows on trees? Really, a bowl? What a waste! Beneath these negative thoughts was a foundational theme running in the background of my life – You don’t deserve to spend that kind of money on yourself!

Within the space of two days playing this beautiful Alchemy bowl, I converted the negative noise makers of ‘not having’ to thoughts of Why not… and, Of course! This was a direct reflection of potential awakening within me.

The crystal sound was making space in my conscious awareness to allow more of life’s goodness, to dream bigger and more often, and experience the truth of my original design.

This was more of a deep feeling state than an intellectual idea.

The information shared between the crystal silica in my bones and the crystalline structure of the bowl through her pulsing tones, changed me. What finally elbowed its way into conscious thought was a knowing that not only could I allow this level of abundance in my life, it was time to expect it.

The vibrations from this one small bowl made that big of a difference. I have come to learn and live in a greater state of abundance than I ever dreamed possible.

It is I who gives energy direction. I am the one who declares often and out loud to the Universe, If I am to have more of these beautiful Alchemy crystal bowls in my life, I know you will provide the means…thanks for making that possible.

Today many bowls grace my life and miraculously, the money I have needed to have more of what I want, has always been there – because I believe it is so!

Believing with you,