The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Self Healing

What if there is a method of healing that is lightning fast, straight to the point, and universally efficient? I discovered the healing potential of sound following a “terminal” diagnosis in the year 2000. While doctors were telling me to get my affairs in order, I followed my Inner Knowing of my own innate wellness, and intuitively answered the call of Sound.

From this place I tuned into the Truth that even though my body was experiencing symptoms that allopathic medicine interpreted as life threatening, on a deeper level I affirmed that I was in a state of wellness. And so it was.

This knowing, coupled with the sound of my voice – as I toned with my Tibetan bowl – shifted me from a state of DIS-ease into a state of vibrant health that doctors, even today, cannot explain (and instead labeled an ‘anomaly’). What I know now is that these miracles are available to all of us, and they begin with the sound of our voice.

Join me as I share my journey and invite you into your own!

The Lazy Girl’s Latest Post …

The Co-Creative Life

This is an ever-evolving inner reality bombarding my cells lately. I know, weird! But true. I’m experiencing curious physical sensations, subtle nudges to my nervous system. These pulses seem to be signals, in-forming a thought, a desire to be spoken aloud into this world. IT is my cellular truth!

Still, I toggle between the act of Creating (DO-ing) and Co-creating (Be-ing). Doing, impressed upon me at a young age, carries the expectation of achieving social, familial and cultural success. If I’m going to be somebody, make my mark, leave a legacy, influence the world, then I had better perform, e.g., initiate, manipulate and fixate on the vision and MAKE IT HAPPEN …or I fail.

After many “failures” I had to ask myself,

How’s that working out?

It wasn’t. I was asking the wrong questions, working for the wrong goals and insisting on pushing through no matter the cost. In the end, both my body and spirit were near a breaking-point.

Enter, The Mystery.

Circumstances become powerful mollifiers. I had to learn to allow… let go… surrender. I can’t speak for you, but this is no quick fix. The choice to surrender looms large on my spiritual path. IF I am to grow, become conscious of who I truly am, I would have to be still, tune to my cells, listen and allow the potential of what I’ve already created to manifest. In other words, become a co-creative force with universal flow.

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