Min Uk Lee, South Korea

I am grateful for the time of the holy sound that I could spend with you.
At the end, when I received the treatment, it felt so good. The sound of a three-dimensional sound bed, Your tranquil singing, The sound of singing bowling that wail, The vibrations on my body.
But the most surprising part was when you played on my chest, and when all three of us sang together, it was such an inspiring time.
When we had the same voice, my voice was no longer coming from my neck. It seemed as if there was another dimension of space in front of my chest and there was a sound ringing in it.
At that moment Singing Bowl felt and sang like a living life, and the feeling was so thrilling and thrilling. It was alive.
My closed chest opened wide, and the vitality coming from the other dimension came unobstructed into my heart. The typhoon of life has been poured into the window of small dimension. Just like the window of an airplane opened in the sky.
And you breathed life into your mouth and closed the lid. It was stronger and more impressive than I had felt in any session so far.