Personal Sound Energy Mentorship

Have you ever longed to immerse yourself in an ocean of sound in a private learning environment that was created specifically for you?

Are you someone who longs to awaken the wisdom that lives in the bones of your being, who seeks to restore purpose and flow in your life, who is ready to plumb the depths of your inner knowing… and, who prefers to take an intensive journey with a personal guide into the mysterious transformative world of sound?

If so, you are in the right place.

This 20-hour, exploratory intensive was created with you in mind.

Within a safe and sacred space, we untangle the web of stagnant energy patterns and unconscious storylines that up to now have defined your very existence. In its place, you will be handed sound keys that will reset your vibratory point of attraction.

You will be immersed in sound, harmony, vibration, and personal healing that leads to you having a deeper connection to your authentic self. You will come to better understand your personal energy signature, and what stands in the way of you fully expressing your authentic voice.

You will learn to play and use the advanced vibratory technology of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, which work as evolutionary allies that support you on your journey of awakening.

Sound clears and reclaims, returning you to your Sacred Self.

Through work with vocal and crystal sound energy, we will transform those outdated patterns of belief, thought, language and vocal ambivalence and reclaim all that you know you are at your spiritual core.

Sound is immediate. Transformation such as this does not take time, it takes action.

Could NOW be your time to act?

This intimate mentorship explores the full spectrum of sound as a healing modality, both personally or professionally, putting the power and choice for wellbeing into your own hands.

Tryshe Dhevney Personal Mentorship
What to expect:
  • Gently free your unique authentic Voice
  • Learn to vocalize the advanced harmonics of the Primordial Chakra Tones for self-healing
  • Experience the heart-centered essence of your Soul’s Song
  • Learn to trust the sensations of your inner guidance
  • Become confident as you awaken the sounds of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Explore the harmonic power of the singing bowls and Crystal SoundEnergy™ as a personal meditation practice or as a powerful tool to augment your professional wellness practice.
Remember: You Belong Deeply To Yourself!

It would be my honor and joy to walk with you on this journey of sound and soul.

Your Investment: $5000

To schedule your mentorship, please contact me directly.