I really appreciate Tryshe’s style of communicating and I think hers was an excellent presentation of the psycho/emotional energetic aspects of the chakra system. I feel like Tryshe gives a lot of information in one session in a very flowing, easy to take in format. I now feel the connection between my resonance and personal power.

Kristi Dee

It was really difficult for me to confront my ‘Nots.’ But it was harder to work through letting them go. I felt completely vulnerable and not ready to work through it. But I did! And feel like I made a huge personal shift of letting go and accepting vulnerability, that was necessary to move forward.
I have absolutely loved this experience… I feel overwhelmed that I have been able to experience this soul-sound unfolding and transformation. Tryshe is a gift from Spirit. I feel so blessed that I met her. Her insights into personal transformation, pain, sorrow, joy, laughter and wisdom touches my heart and soul. Thank you for pushing me way beyond my comfort zone and helping me to courageously move soulfully forward in grace, sound and love…with life. I have found my tribe, fulfilled a vision, and made lifelong friends.

Linda Bult

The exercises provided such valuable insight into my self, my soul, and my body as a musical instrument. I am talking home tools that will deepen the experience and be shared with others. I now know how to open my body to reach for my highest potential and approach the bowls with deep respect.
I pushed through deep fear of being seen and heard. Being pushed (gently) outside my comfort zone has shifted me in ways I’m sure I have not yet perceived.

Becky Carter

I wanted to say Thank You so much for all your expertise in leading us through the various exercises leading us to up level our sound field and sound practice.
The way you tune into each and every person as they traverse their own song and story is phenomenal. This last week I have been playing my bowls 3 or 4 times a day, listening ever deeper for the nuances.
I have to say that this week a new level of Peace has come in for me and I feel it is the result of the sound work. Tryshe, thank you so much for all your sharing. I am so excited to include Sound in my healing practice.


The VIP SoundEnergy™ intensive with Tryshe was absolutely transformative. My first deep~dive foray into the sea of Sound, Tryshe was the consummate expert guide in ushering in the deeper learnings of sound, tone, voice and vibration. Each session was custom tailored to me, with ample space for questions and moreover deep sharing, insights and mind expanding conversations that evolved my consciousness. The Sound learning I gathered was exquisitely personal, attentive and palpably healing for me and my relationships. Through Tryshe’s guidance, I was able to connect the dots of Sound and Spirit in the most authentic way. The SoundEnergy™ VIP Intensive is for anyone who wants to have the custom tailored offering of Sound living, breathing and integrating in their lives.

Cristy Candler, Yoga Teacher

I am grateful for the time of the holy sound that I could spend with you.
At the end, when I received the treatment, it felt so good. The sound of a three-dimensional sound bed, Your tranquil singing, The sound of singing bowling that wail, The vibrations on my body.
But the most surprising part was when you played on my chest, and when all three of us sang together, it was such an inspiring time.
When we had the same voice, my voice was no longer coming from my neck. It seemed as if there was another dimension of space in front of my chest and there was a sound ringing in it.
At that moment Singing Bowl felt and sang like a living life, and the feeling was so thrilling and thrilling. It was alive.
My closed chest opened wide, and the vitality coming from the other dimension came unobstructed into my heart. The typhoon of life has been poured into the window of small dimension. Just like the window of an airplane opened in the sky.
And you breathed life into your mouth and closed the lid. It was stronger and more impressive than I had felt in any session so far.

Min Uk Lee, South Korea

This morning I was tuning in… to the tinnitus sound in my head… Noting that [pitch] was the [Chakra Tone] sound for the third eye, I held my attention there, and as I did, sensed a deeper alignment with some “thing” that I can’t put into words… Just feels like coming deeper and deeper into an experience of “what is real”,”what is me”, and “What is Divine.”… Thank you, Tryshe, for this most precious gift.

Larry Koss, Bainbridge, WA

The seven-chakra soundings Tryshe taught me in our last session have become a very important part of my meditations almost every day since.That series of sounds has had a significant impact on my energetic development. Quite powerful!

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD., Author of Sensual Ceremony and Tantric Massage

Tryshe’s knowledge, enthusiasm and skill inspired me. As a result of the work she had us do, I had a profound breakthrough about a problem I had been struggling with for some time. This work has important practical applications.

Billie McKibben, MA, Therapist and Sacred Circles Group Leader

The work with Ms. Dhevney was groundbreaking for me personally. I felt newly born, invigorated, playful, fresh, and slept better than I have in years. As an actor, acting coach and director, this (To Thine Own Cells Be True) workshop was a reminder of the power we all carry within us, not only to move ourselves to new personal heights, but to move our audiences to new insights. Anyone who wishes to have a more fulfilling life, whether as an actor or Silicon Valley CEO should spend as much time with Tryshe as possible.

Steve Anderson, Founding Director NAThalia Stage Ensemble

I had no idea that the process we went through would be of such benefit to me and that it would be so meaningful to me. I have noticed a difference in my speaking as well as my singing voice… more relaxed and less constricted.

Rebecca Stillings

I went to Tryshe thinking she could help me with a respiratory disease. As she taught me to find my soul’s song I spontaneously burst into tears. I would never have believed it could happen had it not happened to me. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. What an experience! Thank you, Tryshe.

Lou Sampson

We have spent nearly $1 million on therapy for our autistic son. Nothing has captivated his attention better than sounding. He is engaged, happy and more focused than we have ever seen him with your SoundShifting [process] – and it’s free!

Peter M. Guyer, President, AMI Corporation

Tryshe expresses things so clearly when talking about the chakra tone process. I felt such caring and warm energy that it made me feel very comfortable. My heart chakra has this itchy feeling around it which I equate to a subtle arising of joy coming up from my soul! Tryshe is a special person and a gifted teacher.

Candy Tom

What an exceptional experience you brought to each participant in our women’s retreat! It has left them deeply affected by the material you presented and more importantly, the gentle and respectful way you worked with them.The actual work you did to teach them about self-statement was profound. The fact that each member of the group participated fully and reached such a depth of consciousness about their ‘true selves’ in the Soul Song was an unforgettable example of a healer in action – simply magic!

Nancy R. Sobel, PsyD.

Learning “Chakra Tones” with Tryshe Dhevney was nothing short of amazing.
Who knew:

–That the sound of my voice could become a remedy–a remedy always available, the definition of portable and free?
–That something so simple could have such a profound effect?
–That feeling better–mentally and physically–could start so soon?
–That a few lessons and brief daily practice could enable me to be my own therapist?
Well, Tryshe Dhevney knew. I’m just lucky to have found her and this powerful therapy.

J.B., Seattle

Tryshe’s work has been of such power and has received such ringing endorsements from participants that we have doubled the amount of time she spends with our participants. As an instructor in our Mental Health Professional Training Workshop, her use of powerful experiential participatory drama and voice skills have resulted in consistent overwhelmingly positive responses from our staff and participants.

Ted Klontz, Executive Director of Onsite Workshops, Inc.