Your Voice: A Path to Authenticity…

When did you give up being authentic for being good, and what is the price that you have paid?

All that exists in and beyond our world is vibrating and all that is vibrating is producing sound. This dynamic, intelligent and harmonic Sounding Field is our creative palate upon which we imagine, create and thrive.

Your voice is the most powerful, efficient and effective use of energy on the planet… and everything you say puts energy in motion. When something matters to you it becomes matter, whether for good or bad. More than intention, words spoken with clarity and specificity with a voice that reflects the power of who you know you are is a manifesting force like no other.

If you are someone who feels deeply called by sound, I want to welcome you! Join me as I share techniques and tools that open you to the ecstasy, mystery and medicine of sound and all the possibilities that lie within.


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Courses & Workshops

Your resonant voice is the most powerful, efficient and effective use of energy on the planet, aligning you with all that you desire to manifest. Please click here to learn more.

New Music

Welcome to a transmission of pure potential through the music of crystal sound.

The Way of Sky: Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

With this album, Tryshe immerses the listener in a new landscape of gemstone-infused crystal bowls selected to evoke “expanded inner space, deep peace and illumination.” These tracks merge the subtle presence of therapeutically tuned Alchemy crystal bowls with the deep vibratory resonance of Super Grade bowls to support of our natural bio-frequencies.

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